The KWPMC Edge.

These pillars distinguish our company and enhance the services we deliver to each and every property. How can we best help you?

  • Maintenance & Operations

    We bring our knowledge and experience managing properties of all ages to more than 65,000 units across the East Coast and the Bahamas. We provide every association with a preventive maintenance program that guides our team through daily, weekly and monthly procedures that preserve the life of the property and its assets.

  • Strong Accounting Knowledge and Support

    Our accounting department is the best in the industry. With 11 CPAs on staff, internal controls are put into place, and we conduct second reviews on every financial statement, meet regularly with boards of directors and conduct comprehensive review and analysis of association budgets.

  • Hospitality & Customer Services

    Our in-house hospitality program was developed based on training in The Ritz-Carlton Gold Standards. This commitment to customer service excellence together with our in-depth knowledge of the condominium market created the foundation for our Signature Services program.

  • Technology

    We work in a paperless environment for accounting and operations, and all systems are accessible 24/7. Our interactive app enables residents, property managers, board members, maintenance personnel and security staff to manage all aspects of daily life.

  • Independence

    In today’s marketplace, some of the many growing problems surface when management companies find themselves not independent from the property when making a decision that financially impacts the association. KWPMC takes pride in not owning or having any kind of financial affiliation with the companies used in their vendor network, putting their clients’ best financial interest at hand.
  • Education & Training

    We go the extra mile to ensure increased professionalism through continuing education so the highest level of service can be rendered to its managed properties. The company actively encourages its employees to obtain higher designations through external organizations such as Community Association Institute (CAI) and Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).
  • Value Optimization

    To ensure that associations get the most value from their vendors, we analyze all contracts to ascertain maximum services and best pricing, through cost comparisons with other similar properties in the area. Our clients also enjoy cost savings as a result of our relationships with multiple national accounts.
  • Awards and Recognition

    Our industry and our peers continue to acknowledge our success as a dynamic, creative and solutions-driven company.

Our services.

From luxury high-rise buildings to mid-rise and garden style condominiums to townhome communities to homeowner associations, we create a custom designed program for your community. This tailor-made approach combines our expertise, specialized skills, and exceptional industry knowledge to suit your specific needs & allows us to deliver unparalleled community management services.


    We enhance beauty & performance.

    We understand the complexities of working with associations, boards and homeowners, and deliver innovative solutions that are uniquely tailored to each property. The properties that we manage are beautiful to live in and exceptionally well-maintained with lifestyle services far beyond expectations. We are one of the largest property management providers in Florida and the East Coast, with a full staff of CPAs and accounting professionals, providing you with accurate, timely reporting, strict financial controls and sound budgeting.


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    We enhance operations.

    It’s the details that matter. Regardless of the age of your property, we have the processes, systems and staffing in place to enhance its life. We set priorities to build successful action plans, job descriptions, curb appeal checklists and maintenance plans, always with an eye to value optimization, to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely. From the smallest landscaping detail to the largest maintenance emergency, you can rest assured that our staff and those with whom we contract will respond immediately, professionally and courteously to the needs of clients and residents alike.



    We enhance convenience.

    From elite comforts to the simplest day-to-day needs, our lifestyle concierge services understand that for your residents, time is often the most precious commodity. Allow us to source expert help from housekeepers to catering firms, assist with grocery shopping, online food deliveries, event planning and much more. We believe that hospitality is a top priority, and that your residents be treated like long-term guests of a quality hotel. Resort-style services, personalized and attentive interaction and an impeccable attention to detail all contribute to welcoming environments, where people enjoy living. Let us create a customized solution for your community and its residents. The possibilities are limitless.


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    We enhance community through connectivity.

    Our technology software and support systems can be game-changers for your community. From an intuitive, interactive association website to the ease of online payments, automated notifications, handling service requests, even tracking package delivery, our technology solutions give you real-time insight that streamlines operations and gives residents peace-of-mind.



    We enhance your bottom line.

    Protecting, maintaining and enhancing your property value is our priority. From the pre-closing process of the development process to your first sale and through transition, we bring together our collective experience to create great communities. Using the developer’s vision, our customized services include financial review/preparation of budgets, governing document review, establishing association rules and regulations, assistance with vendor contracts and much more.


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    We enhance your assets.

    We have a strong team of professionals versed in fiduciary responsibility. Our expert accountants may be appointed as receivers to oversee the successful execution of turning around a property or business and stabilizing the income of the entity. Our team has a keen understanding of the receivership processing, focusing our efforts on taking quick control of the entity, preserving it and maintaining the flow of income. Well-established checklists and controls are used to ensure full compliance with the court order.



    KWPMC offers a full range of food & beverage services to enhance the lifestyle your residents enjoy and fuel their enjoyment of each and every day. Whether relaxing poolside, dining with family and friends, or commemorating a special occasion, expect exceptional service delivered with a true touch of class. Our full-service programs focus on creativity and professionalism and include:

    – Daily culinary operations
    – Customized menus
    – Poolside dining and cocktails
    – Elegant clubhouse dining
    – Strict adherence to health and safety guidelines


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    KWPMC fosters a strong sense of community among residents through a landmark resort program that ensures your amenities are world-class and readily available.

    – Clubhouse management
    – Tennis center
    – Spa operations/services
    – Hair & nail salon
    – Marina/dockage
    – And more

    Our impeccable attention to detail and commitment to treating residents like guests at a five-star resort make KWMPC the right choice for embracing the finer things in life.



    Our goal extends beyond successfully managing your community. We are on a mission to enhance it. To this end, our Lifestyle Concierge Services Team works to foster new friendships and enhance the health and happiness of residents every day. Planned events might include:

    – Wine tastings
    – Block parties
    – Special fitness and yoga classes
    – Nutritional classes
    – Art class/shows
    – And more

    Additionally, your on-property team will be there to handle each and every daily request, large or small, including housekeeping, grocery shopping, catering, online food deliveries, event planning and much more.


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    We support owners and investors from purchase or a new build to management and sale - whether the property is run as a resort or as a community managed by a homeowners association. From build-out, branding, and property design consulting to day-to-day property management including staffing, financial management and reservation management. With over fifteen years of award-winning experience in traditional residential and multi-family property management, we understand RV parks and Motorcoach Communities better than anyone else. We manage luxury resorts and properties from the North Carolina mountains all the way down to the Florida coastline.



90000 Number of Units

300 Community Associations

2600 Employees